The Value of Business Consulting

How effective are Business Consultants?

The world economy is fast climbing out of the recession and that is encouraging. It is time to re-appraise the roles of Business Consultants pre- and post-credit crunch.
How effective were the Business Consultants? What roles did they play? Did they see the recession coming? Did the advice they offered contribute to the fall? Which strategies, if there were any at all, did they pursue to prevent it? Can they be exonerated? Is the Consulting profession full of half-baked failed managers parading as Consultants? As the world economy continues to bounce back, these are the issues that need to be addressed by both the Business Consulting community and the regulators.

At St. Stephen’s Capital (, we have begun to critically address the above issues and therefore will be rolling out over the next few months schemes that will facilitate the engagement of Business Consultants. We would be introducing new contractual relationships that would put the onus of project success squarely on the Consultants.

Fola Sonaike can be reached at (+442076177148 & +19084284941); Web:

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