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Alternative Investment in Aquaculture

October 13, 2010

Known for its tenacity and culture to deliver results, St. Stephen’s Capital ( dipped its toes in the crowded waters of aquaculture business in Nigeria with the recent establishment of Abebi Omobowale Farms Limited – a privately owned indigenous livestock operation in Nigeria.

The brief was to set up a livestock operation and come up with unique and innovative ways of attracting investment into aquaculture business in Nigeria.

Nigeria is on record to consume a significant proportion of the world’s fish production. Local production cannot meet this demand which necessitates 75% of its fish consumption being imported into the country.

The history of Nigeria’s troubled Stock Exchange (NSE) and the erosion of trust in the stock market in recent years provided the ground for this breakthrough.

With these facts at its disposal, St. Stephen’s Capital approached the brief from an interested but cautious investor’s perspective. There was consensus things must be done differently and this resulted in the formulation and design of “Alternative Investment Schemes” for Abebi Omobowale Farms Limited.

Not without the usual governmental and regulatory challenges associated with the country, Patent Rights were eventually granted for these schemes in March 2010.

Further details of the schemes can be obtained via e-mail from: and/or



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